Skateboarding Health Concerns

health problems can cause skateboarders to get skin yeast infectionsSkateboarding is great exercise and a fun activity to engage in.  Yet, knowing how to protect your health is important when you are actively skateboarding.  Many individuals who get hurt while skateboarding are kids.  About half of all skateboarding injuries are reported to involve youth under the age of 15.  And, as you may suspect, most of these young people are males–about 85% of injuries are males.  This is perhaps unavoidable, as learning to skateboard will involve some bumps and bruises.  Yet, if you are a young skater, it is quite important to use protective gear while you are learning the ropes of skateboarding!


Often, injuries result when someone falls of their board and lands on their arm.  For the less fortunate, accidents also can involve the head getting hit hard on an object or hard ground.  Some different types of health impairments include the following:


  • Injuries to the arms and legs, neck, or the middle of the body can include broken bones, strains, and sprains.  Breaking the wrist is a quite common accident.  Wearing wrist guards, helmets, and other protective gear can help mitigate the severity of accidents and give the beginning skater much needed protection.
  • Injuries to the face, such as a broken nose or jaw, are common.
  • When the head is struck hard on an object or the ground, concussions can sometimes occur.  Make sure you always wear a helmet if you fall or lose your balance skateboarding.


Precautions When Sharing Gear

Protective gear is an important step to take when you start skateboarding.  However, you want your gear to be clean and avoid picking up skin diseases from other users of the gear.  Bacterial and fungal pathogens can cling to used skate gear and cause skin infections.  A common skin infection that is contagious is ringworm.  


Ringworm is a fungus that grows in the outer layers of your skin.  It is contagious and can be spread from human to human contact.  In addition to direct contact, ringworm can also infect objects; such as articles of clothing or cloth on protective skateboarding gear.  If one of your fellow skateboarders has ringworm, you could catch this fungal pathogen from using the clothing or gear they do while skating.   


Ringworm is not a serious disease, but it can be uncomfortable.  You can use natural remedies to clear up this skin fungal infection.  Yet, to avoid the hassle of an unfortunate health malady, make sure you regularly clean your own protective apparel and avoid using any gear from other skaters who may have fungal infections of the skin!  This should help you stay in good health for having great days at a skatepark that do not involve infection of some disease.


Skin Yeast Infections are Caused by Candida fungus

Skin Yeast Infections due to Candida yeast

Skin yeast infections can also be contagious.  Yeast infections are caused by the fungus Candida; typically Candida albicans.  Candida is a very communicable fungal pathogen that infects men, women, and children.  This fungus can infect the mouth, vaginal canal, or skin of humans with ease.  A skin yeast infections typically looks like a red rash; diaper rash is caused by Candida yeast; thus, if you’ve ever seen diaper rash you know what it will look like on someone else’s skin.

For people who have normal, healthy immune systems, Candida infections is not very dangerous at all.  In fact, this yeast lives commensally in nearly all humans; but, when conditions are right, it can overgrow and cause an infection.  Fortunately, there are many viable natural remedies for Candida yeast problems.  These remedies employ natural plants that possess antifungal properties.  Natural extracts from antifungal plants often work as well or better than prescription antifungal medications.  And, natural medicinal plants can treat Candida that has developed a resistance to prescription antifungal medications.  For more information on this type of skin problem, and to learn the solution, check out natural ways to get rid of yeast infections.


Safety Tips for Acute Skateboarding Health Concerns

Mostly what a skateboarder needs to be conscious of are acute health problems like physical damage to joints and bones.  Problems arising from sharing gear like skin yeast infections or ringworm are not so much of a threat.  Some great safety advice for skaters of any skill level include the following:

  • When you are practicing your tricks and jumps, try to do it in a controlled environment.  Try to find a skate park that is supervised by capable adults with access to emergency medical facilities.
  • Watch out for younger and less skilled skaters.  Share ramps and other equipment to keep you and those around you safe at the skatepark.
  • Do not use headphones to listen to music while you skate; this may keep you from hearing vital sounds and cause an accident!
  • Don’t practice dangerous skate tricks like putting two people on a skateboard at once.
  • Make sure you know how to handle an accident.  Keep a cell phone and the numbers of emergency medical help readily available.  This could really help keep those around you safe.
  • Make sure your protective gear is clean and free of bacterial and fungal pathogens like ringworm and Candida yeast.  This keeps your body free of unwanted disease, and others who use it will also not get a skin yeast infection.


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