Everything a Beginner skateboarder Needs to Know

Skating is quite fun! Lots of people from all over the world love to skate. When we see guys or even girls on top of their skates performing crazy tricks we tend to think that everything is too complicated. Well, it might be complicated, however if you have the will to begin you will soon perform tricks too! Of course skateboarding takes time, however if you know everything a beginner needs to know you will certainly be able to do it all!

Take a look at the following tips for beginner skateboarders and see how easy it all is!

  • The proper gear

    No you can not skate with only a couple of regular shoes and a tee-shirt. Although some people do it (more experienced people of course), it is still not safe. You should begin doing the right thing. First of all you need to buy high quality safety riding gear. You need proper skating shoes, the right helmet, some elbow and knee protectors and your skateboard. Make sure you do not ride around only wearing shorts. You should also wear a shirt, so you avoid any further damage.

  • Be comfortable around your skateboard

    The next most important step is to get familiar with the skateboard itself. Whether you borrowed one or even if you bought it brand new, it is important to get familiar with it in several different ways. Make sure you practice in a safe zone, such as on the grass or even on the carpet. Avoid concrete or anywhere with rocks, after all you might fall and hurt yourself unnecessarily. It is important for you to learn how to stand on it. Balance yourself on the front and back wheels, jump on it, run and keep your balance! Everything is valid, but make sure you do not try any tricks yet!Everything a Beginner skateboarder Needs to Know

  • Pushing and stopping your skateboard

    Pushing and stopping your skateboard is as important as knowing balance. First of all you should learn whether you are right or left footed. The foot you have better balance on should be the foot you step on the skateboard. The other foot can be used to give you impulse. Another thing that is essential to know is how to actually stop the skate. There are different ways, some easier, some harder, however you can easily stop your skate by simply putting your back foot on the ground. You should do this slowly in order to smoothly stop. You can also use the back of your foot, which is more common among experienced riders.

  • Skating in a skatepark

    Many riders are crazy to be here. Although the place might seem quite fun, do not rush! It is very important that you feel secure regarding the basics. The more you know, the easier it will be to enjoy all of the great features of a complete skatepark.

It is important that you have mastered all of the other steps before you venture in this area. You will certainly have a lot of fun here!

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