Most Common Ollie Mistakes: Skateboarding Trick Tips for Beginners

Learning skateboarding tricks can be quite challenging, especially when you are a beginner. The Ollie certainly is one of the first tricks to learn. Although it takes a lot of time, practice and patience, learning this is the very first step into learning more sophisticate skating tricks. Ollie is considered to be the entry level trick for beginner skaters. Make sure you understand what does not work, that way you will be able to correct your mistakes.

Take a look at the most common Ollie mistakes!

  • Not placing your foot correctly

    It is essential to know how to properly set your feet on the board. If you do not master this it will be harder for you to perform an Ollie. Make sure you keep your front foot on the top of the skate and your back foot in the middle of the board. This will assure extra balance and give you the proper height to perform everything.

  • Timing is essential

    Most beginners find it quite hard to pop their skates the right time. Your skate will definitely tell you when it is time to pop it. Although it takes time for beginners to get the timing, after a while you will feel when it is time for you to pop. Make sure you crouch, raise and do everything straight up!Most Common Ollie Mistakes: Skateboarding Trick Tips for Beginners

  • Fear of falling

    you are a beginner then this is probably what haunts you every day. Falling indeed hurts, however this is what every skater has been through. There is no such skater in the world that never fell and hurt himself. It is important to face the problem and to think positively. If you fear falling too much you will never be able to perform an Ollie or even any other tricks. Make sure you imagine yourself performing your Ollie! This will help you shove fear away!

  • Keep track of your shoulders

    Your skateboard truly follows your shoulders. If your shoulders are off your trick will never be done well. It is important to always keep track of where your shoulders are heading to. It is also important to know if your feet are placed correctly. Shoulders and feet are very important when skating and performing an Ollie.

  • Avoid keeping your Ollie too low

    Some beginners tend to perform low Ollies. Although this is not such a serious mistake, it can be improved. Low Ollies happen because of several reasons, including insecurity, lack of experience or even issues with stance. The more you pay attention to your body the better. You need to enhance the strength of your leg muscles, because they are the ones that give you the proper pop. Of course this takes time, and sooner or later you will perform awesome Ollies!

  • Never give up

    If an Ollie is hard, do not give it up! Many skate lovers end up giving it all up because of a few difficulties. It is important for you to have your goal in mind and always practice!

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