Skateboarding Disciplines

Determining your riding style

Before you start skating or even before you purchase a new skate it is important to determine your skating style. There are different styles, whether you prefer the average skate or the longboard. Keep on reading and learn the most famous riding styles for those who love the sport!

  • Cruising

    Cruising is the most famous – and common – style of all. Skaters that prefer this style simply ride their skates, which happen to be the comfortable longboard. The longboard is a longer and larger type of skate that provides extra balance and extra comfort for the skaters. This is the perfect style for those who are not very interested in tricks or competitions. This is the perfect style for those who would like to ride just for fun or even to go places faster.

  • Freestyle

    This is perfect for those who would like to perform tricks. Whether you have a longboard or a short board, this is the style for the trick lovers. It is fun! Most skaters do not believe people can perform crazy tricks with their longboards, however it is more than possible. You will have different categories under freestyle and just to name a couple you have Dancing and Normal.

  • Downhill

    Just like the name already says this is pretty much about going down on hills. You will place yourself on top of a steep hill and shoot yourself down! Your skate can reach the incredible speed of over 100 km/h! Although the risks of getting seriously injured in this style are quite high, millions of skaters all over the world would not change it for anything!Skateboarding Disciplines

  • Sliding

    In this style the chances of getting injured are quite high. In this style skaters hold their skates and spin, jump and so on. This is a true mix of downhill and tricks. You will go down steep areas, in fast speeds and will perform fun tricks. This is perfect for those who want adrenaline!

  • You can also buy proper equipment for each style

    there are several different items available on the market today. You will see that there are common boards for those who simply want to ride and there will also be special boards. The different boards are modified in order to enhance the performance while riding in certain styles. Make sure you check the items available in your town, this will help you find the right skateboard for you.

As soon as you choose a style you can start practicing it. The more you read about the topics the more you will be able to do! It is very important for you to know the basics first!

The more you know beforehand the better. You can also try all of the styles and then choose one that best fits your needs and wishes. There are some people that prefer to just ride, while others would love to do tricks. Make sure you do some proper research on tricks and so on! This will ensure you have the best experience possible while skating!

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