Skateboarding Movies – Top 10 Movies With Skateboarding

As the name goes, the main theme of these movies are the longboards  or the skateboards. Skateboaring movies are mainly about comedy,adventure, friends, action, drama featuring skateboards.

Below are the top 10 movies which feature skateboarding.

  1. Lords of Dogtown

This fun filled and exciting skating movie was featured in the 1970’s revolving around three main characters who enjoy skateboarding, surfing and visiting their favorite shop – ‘Zephyr Skate Shop.’ These friends participate in a skateboard championship as they find the polyutherine skateboards which helps them to earn popularity and wealth.

  1. Thrashin’

This is a 1986 movie featuring skaters and their lifestyle. The story revolves around a younger skater named Cory Webster who is beginning to learn skating. He falls in love with a girl whose brother is a leader of the skating team Daggers. The movie is all about how the boy gets into the skating group after all the changes he has to face.

  1. Grind

This 2003 movie is a teen themed longboarding and features high school students starting heir own skating team hoping to get a lot of notice from people. However, it has some formal scenes which could be boring although most of it is adventurous and interesting.

  1. Gleaming the cube

This 1989 movie is the hit skateboarding movie was a low earning movie but has made its place in the hearts of people. This movie later became a cult classic.

  1. Stoked : Rise and Fall of Gator

This movie pictures the life story of Mark Gator Rogowski. Although this movie wasn’t very popular, it was quite interesting and useful to learn for the beginners in longboarding. 

  1. The Search for Animal Chin

The Search for Animal Chin  is a movie released in 1987 and had gained its popularity in just one week of its release. This movie had  “Bones Brigade”  team featured. This movie was termed as the best of its kind to launch as a pilot and was very successful. This movie is a suspense and action filled . It begins with a 62 year old skateboard person going missing. Due to this event the Bones Brigade team forms and fights against the kidnapers. During the fight scenes, longboards are used and pictured perfectly to the audience so as to give excellent thrill.

  1. Paranoid Park

This movie is filled with drama and emotions sounding a teenage skater. This teenager is being seen to use the skateboards throughout the movie for fighting off the guard which leads to killing him accidentally. Unable to cope up with the mistake the teenager Alex escapes from the murder place and  hides  from the cops. The entire movie features the guy running away from the public. This drama also features Alex’s culture and emotions very meticulously.

  1. Deck Dogz

This is a movie featuring skateboarder from Australia. The story spins around three teenage boys who are self abused as they think they have problems with their parents, school and other authorities. The story takes us to Australia where the kids are supposed to travel to get a Beachbowl and get sponsored as pro skaters.

  1. Wassup rockers

The movie showcases the story of Guatemalan citizen American teens around Los Angeles . These characters in the movie enter a stakers’ world and get harassed.

  1. Dogtown and Z-boys

This is a documentary movie which reveals more details about the tale. The story takes us back to the history of the skateboarder team. This movie is full of surfing, skateboarding videos and photos.

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